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I have been making zines since my university days. This is a chronological gallery, from newest to oldest, of most the zines I have made; most are out of print unless otherwise stated and some have disappeared into the ether, as they should. 

virgo season (2018)

A zine I made about my mania about turning 33. 33 copies of individually handsewn and inked drawings on paper in a fold-out zine. I also left a different secret in each one. Created for a zine group show at Studio Soup Zine Library.

sketch zine (2017-2018)

Sketch zine mostly comprised of entries when I was living and studying overseas. During this period I had much more free time than I had anticipated, despite studying full time and working part time. It was the first time in my life that I had a saturation of isolation, so there basically was a lot of time to think.


A tiny little foldout zine. A tribute to my favorite food. I wanted to hand draw something where the composition would fall perfectly into the layout of the zine so it was both a single drawing and when folded, a complete zine.

new art creates new ppl (2017)

This zine was my first foray into risography and I made it at a riso workshop when I was living and studying in Singapore in 2017, with a studio called Knuckles and Notch. The pink, hand drawn version is the first version; I later made a version using PS that was reproduced just through digital print, in red and blue. I would really like to reproduce it again in riso someday.

NEW ART CREATES NEW PPL was about me imagining a sort of "data science" to explain my thoughts about drawing, art, printmaking, and markmaking in general. 

I'm tired (2016)

Short single-page story, very tiny fold-out zine.

rupaul's drag zine (2016)

A zine I made in 2016 around All Stars Season 2. As a superfan of RPDR, around that time the local fandom hadn't picked up just yet and I was pretty much the only one I knew drawing fanart of drag queens. Fun fact: Rupaul reposted the picture of him in suits I drew for the centerfold on his IG--without crediting me, of course.