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I have been making zines since my university days. This is a chronological gallery, from newest to oldest, of most the zines I have made; most are out of print unless otherwise stated and some have disappeared into the ether, as they should. 

intrusive thoughts (2024)

Another experimentation with the sticker zine idea. 

my brain is on fire (2023)

A planner zine for the chaotic and derailed. A parody zine made for that year's BLTX. December is planner season, where a lot of cafes do promos collecting stickers to get a planner. I used to be completely unhinged about this up until a few years ago, when I learned that I was just not a writing down plans kinda person. So I made one for US.

unfinished business (2022)

The pandemic art zine, printed entirely by me at home using reclaimed, resized, recycled paper so every issue was of varying page colors and qualities. Included all the komiks made in the past few years.

tropes and the idiots who love them (2022)

First experimentation with sticker zines, featuring common fanfic or fiction tropes. Ideally, I planned this to be kisscut like a sticker sheet you could flip through but it ended up being a cut it yourself situation.

virgo season (2018)

A zine I made about my mania about turning 33. 33 copies of individually handsewn and inked drawings on paper in a fold-out zine. I also left a different secret in each one. Created for a zine group show at Studio Soup Zine Library.

sketch zine (2017-2018)

Sketch zine mostly comprised of entries when I was living and studying overseas. During this period I had much more free time than I had anticipated, despite studying full time and working part time. It was the first time in my life that I had a saturation of isolation, so there basically was a lot of time to think.